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Arctic Cool Storage Rack (semi-fixed Cold Room)

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The BOMBELLI Arctic Cool Storage Rack is your ideal semi-fixed Cold Room solution for the effective storage of temperature sensitive palletised and containerised cargo, including Pharma & Perishables.

Giving total flexibility in its placement inside or outside the cargo warehouse, the unit thanks to it’s semi-fixed structure can be easily repositioned when necessary, but most importantly can be deployed in operation immediately to strengthen Pharma or Perishable handling capabilities as it does now require the long and complex planning permissions which are typically required for fixed ”infrastructure” type Cold Room projects

An ideal solution in addition or alternative to the traditional Cold Room storage solutions, allowing for increased capacity and flexibility in handling and storing temperature sensitive shipments. Ultimately allowing for both leaner operations in dealing with the temperature sensitive cargo and guaranteeing higher cargo integrity by offering and guaranteeing the effectiveness of the Cool Chain.

Key Benefits:

  • Fully compatible both for pharmaceutical cargo, including COVID-19 vaccines, but also for perishables such as meat
  • Fast & effective storage of palletised and containerised temperature sensitive cargo thanks to 508mm loading/offloading height directly onto/off the internal roller bed structure
  • No building planning permissions necessary (vs. fixed type solutions)
  • No specific anti fire regulations to follow (vs. fixed type solutions)
  • “Plug and play” type solution with short end-to-end timings from order to being placed in operation
  • Can be placed indoors in cargo warehouse OR outdoors
  • Different refrigeration system and isolating cell structure configurations to guarantee the Cold Chain at the required temperature range
  • Various models to cater for the storage different type of ULDs according to needs

Get COVID-19 vaccine ready - for more information on the BOMBELLI Arctic Cool Storage Rack or to ask for a quotation contact us today at or at +39022157858.

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BOMBELLI Arctic Cool Storage Rack (semi-fixed Cold Room)