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The BOMBELLI Arctic Cool Dolly, is the ultimate solution to guarantee the unbroken Cool Chain on the ramp, allowing to protect Pharma or Perishable goods from temperature deviations whilst being transported from the cargo warehouse to the aircraft and vice-versa.

Increase your customer satisfaction and attract new business by offering a guaranteed a zero-temperature deviation handling service. Furthermore, as well as significantly increasing the Cool Chain handling capabilities, the Arctic Cool Dolly offers the ideal solution to simplify the handling of such cargo, reducing both direct and indirect handling costs, as well as reducing the risks involved.

From an Airline’s perspective (and ultimately the Shipper’s one), the general flexibility and performance which the Arctic Cool Dollies assure, means that they can be utilised in alternative or conjunction with traditional active and passive cooling containers/packaging, depending on various factors such as the required temperature range and other elements of the Cool Chain. Ultimately this can allow for significantly enhanced cargo capacity per pallet/container as well as costs savings thanks to reduced aircraft fuel burn, as well as be a key part of the solution to overcome the dry ice limits present on aircrafts.

Key Benefits:

  • Fully compatible both for pharmaceutical cargo, including COVID-19 vaccines, but also for perishables such as meat
  • Temperature and data recording
  • Telematic data transmission system
  • Operate in either electric standby-mode or diesel-mode
  • Direct operational, strategic and cost-saving benefits to both pharma shippers & airlines and also to ground handlers & airports
  • Key part of the solution to overcome the dry ice limits present on aircrafts
  • Different refrigeration system and isolating cell structure configurations to guarantee the Cold Chain at the required temperature range
  • Alternative use as back-up/overflow from main cool room during peak periods
  • Live animal version also available with specific temperature and ventilation control systemss

To ask for a quotation or to ask for more information on how the BOMBELLI Arctic Cool Dolly can help you increase your Pharma handling capabilities, including vaccines such as the COVID-19 ones, contact us today at or at +39022157858

For semi-fixed solution for the storage of temperature sensitive palletised or containerised cargo, see our “Arctic Storage Rack” page.

BOMBELLI Arctic Cool Dolly